Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Crayons everywhere...

I absolutely LOVE c o l o r !
And since it appears that the crayon aprons are my biggest hit right now, I am making more of them-which is just fine with me...lots of color!

I love the nursery rhyme theme on the bottom of this one. Though I struggled to get a good picture of it, the bottom fabric kept washing out.  The pictures below give a better 'up-close' view.

 This apron would fit a girl between the ages of 5-10.  I tried it on the five yr. old I take care of and his comment was, "I'm not a girl; but I'm not a girl!" which I reminded him I knew that!  Then Isaac tried it on and though it fit, it seemed a little small.  He'll be twelve in a week, so that's why I think it would fit better on someone a little younger.

The measurements are: the waistband is 53 1/2", it's 14" long and 15" wide.

This one is for sale for $15, including the crayons. Just drop me a note. 
Thanks and have a great day!