Saturday, July 31, 2010

Two more notebook covers!

This one doesn't have a tie, but I could put one on if it was requested. 

I just love the delicate flower ribbon on the side, don't you?

Remember, as soon as you fill one notebook, remove the cover and replace with a standard composition notebook from WalMart or anywhere they are available!


This notebook combines elegance with hippie!  (The bead reminds me of hippie!)
You have the soft ribbon on the spine and the homemade cording as a bookmark and to clasp the button with.

The back is also stylish!

The pockets are nice and deep so the book won't fall out.  There are two pockets in one in the front that will hold a highlighter and some pens!

These two are $12 and $14, respectively.  Email me to order yours today!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ohhhh! These are soooo cute and fun!

These two notebooks are girly and I have four more to make...they're each slightly different with a pocket for your highlighter and pen. 

The second one has a cording tie to wrap around the button that's on the pocket.

I made the cording myself and had a blast designing each colorful strand.


Now these next notebooks are three-dimensional dinosaurs, inspired by my son, Daniel. 

Thanks, Dan!  I know how you love dinosaurs!!!


Some might find the next set offensive.  If so, please, I beg your forgiveness...
They are a joke and yet, for some, the beauty of dinosaurs engaging in 'married fun' might spark interesting conversation!
Parents should use caution about whether these would be appropriate to take to school!  College students will get a kick out of them. 

The cool thing about these notebooks is that when you have filled the pages of the notebook, just take the cover off, wash in mild soap and cover the next one!

Email me for the prices.  They vary, depending on which notebook you pick.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A 'greeen' Holy Yoga Bag~

This bag is sure to be a hit!  I'm making a few for a friend at my church and thought I'd offer a replica of the one I just finished.  Each one I make will definitely be different.

Cost:  $60.00, including shipping.
Email me for your order.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Matching country aprons

For every mommy and daughter that cook together!   This is a set but I believe I could part with them individually, too.
A very country-style pattern.
The entire five piece set is $60.  Each piece is also priced individually.

 The mommy apron measures 19 1/2' long and 78" from tie to tie. 
(It's a little wrinkled because I had it stored in a tote from the show last Friday...easily remedied!)
Price:  $25.00

The little girl's apron measures 56" from tie to tie and 14" long. 
Price:  $15.00

Then there's the baby doll apron...soooo cute!
Price: $10.00

...and I couldn't leave Barbie or Ken out either! 
I guess he could wear either one, but I prefer the jean's more manly! 
Both are lined and come with elastic along the waist and top.
Price:  $7.00 each.

The Cutest Vintage Rocker for sale...

I finished the polka-dot vintage mushroom rocker in time for the craft show and now I need to make a sign that reads: 
This was a fun project and now it's ready for purchase. 
The purchase price: $85. 
Shipping is not included.

Email me.  This one won't last long. 

Saturday, July 10, 2010

My first show!!!

My very first craft show in a town called, "Marion".  It was fun...I made a little money, got a lot of compliments and invited to another show there in August!
Here's a pix of my booth and my banner.,  I am grateful for my new friend, Moe, and her husband, Ron, for their help with transporting stuff and their support as well as my Love for building me these amazing 'walls'!

My wonderful son that is a graphic artist made me this banner to hang behind the tent and at first, it was intimidating to see my name so large and such a huge sign.  But I'm getting used to it!
More details's been a long weekend and it's not over yet!