Thursday, January 27, 2011

OH, I've been working hard~

Ok, so I took a pair of little girl leggin's from a friend and used them as a pattern and then added my own design to distinguish them from any other pair out there...particularly since I made them and they're a 'one of a kind'~

Curly little ruffle on the bottom~

These leggin's are for a little one about a year or eighteen months old, depending on how chubbie their thighs are!!!  They're made from stretch knit and very soft. 
Price:  $15.50, including shipping.

One can't have a cute pair of leggin's without a tutu to twirl in!
It matches perfectly!  Just adorable...!

 Very full!!!
Price:  $40, including shipping.
Well, one can't just design for little girls, right? 
So, in order for the boys to feel that I have their gender in mind, I designed a 'tool apron' for the little boys.  Of course, the twins are way too big for this one, but perhaps you know a little guy that loves to build and needs a place for all his tools!
The back is lined and very durable for those times when he's constructing a fort or playing in the dirt pile, digging up rocks and storing in the pockets~
Price:  $12, including shipping.
What I love about these jammies is that they're a 'one of a kind'...
This was all the fabric they had at JoAnn's, so I snatched it up and I only wish I had enough to make myself some!~

These jammies are about a size seven for girls. 
This is a flannel fabric and very soft, with two side pockets.
 Price:  $30, including shipping.

Moving on...
A crayon apron with a matching coloring book bag!  Completely Texan!

   The waistband is made of ribbon and measures 46", enough to make a cute bow in the back for a girl between two years old and five, I believe. 

Price: $35, including shipping. 

Well, I must get back to pricing tags for the shop these are going in tomorrow. 
Remember, these are 'one of a kind' creations, so if you're interested, please let me know a.s.a.p.~

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