Monday, August 10, 2009

Garden Apron

I've been in a funk, I think.
But it's over now...all I had to do to get inspiration was hit the Etsy button and that did it!
Take your turn by clicking that word and see what I mean.

Well, anyways, my dear friend just celebrated her sixty-ninth birthday yesterday and I've made her a special gift...
Della, if you just happen to visit this site, I'm asking you to not read any further or to look a the pix I'm displaying of your gift...I don't want to ruin it for you, but I had to show off this great idea and have a memory of it once it's gone on to you!

My friend loves to garden and her efforts are not in vain...she somehow took the clay Georgia soil and transformed it into the most gorgeous yard. So, in her honor, I've made her an apron for her gardening leisure.
This is your last chance, Della, to wait until your gift arrives in the mail...close this page!

Four large pockets, and a little one in the middle-all made from scraps I had leftover from other projects.

...complete with my own tag!

It was a fun project and it didn't take forever-
I tried making her gardening gloves...
three attempts and I gave up, despite measuring and adding 1/8 " for seams...
so, I'll just get her a pair and embellish them!

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