Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I am here...just hiding behind fabric, books and laundry!

     Hello out there!  Things have been crazy busy!  School started back up last Tuesday, we rearranged rooms and now my 'shop' is in the family room with the school desks, computer, and the actual 'family gathering' section, too!  That's a great idea in theory, but to actually 'do' any work here, that will be the test!
     Love moved my fabric shelf he built to that room, but we agreed it wasn't practical or safe.  So, we headed to Wally World and bought a shelf, six totes and now I'm so organized I don't want to mess it up-not!
     Back to work, that's the goal.  Well, I stare at baskets full of wool and dream.  Amidst school books, lessons and corrections, updating my blogs, etc., I did manage to make a reversible purse in the last two weeks.  When my sister saw it in the 'process', she said I needed to make another one and not make it reversible. 
Soooo, I did. 
     I've completed one and pix should be posted soon.  It took me longer than I thought it would but I am pleased with it being a neat Fall purse.  One side is wool and the other is jean fabric, complete with a vine-like seam topstitched along the top and up both straps, which my family all asked why the straps are so long.  I like it that way...that was my answer.  I'm calling them, 'The sister purses'.  They complete and compliment each other...too bad one can't wear two purses at one time...they'd be adorable...maybe a twin will buy one for her and her sister!  Know anyone like that?  Tell 'em about these.
I don't want to post pix yet cuz it's late and I want good lighting for it.
     Oh, I did make this cool flower out of the jean fabric that I'm gonna put on the second purse.
Check it out:

this is gonna be so pretty when it's on the purse.

Well, gotta get ready to make curtains for a friend in NY this week!  So, when I get a chance, a.s.a.p., I'll post the purse.

Have a great weekend.

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