Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ohhhh! These are soooo cute and fun!

These two notebooks are girly and I have four more to make...they're each slightly different with a pocket for your highlighter and pen. 

The second one has a cording tie to wrap around the button that's on the pocket.

I made the cording myself and had a blast designing each colorful strand.


Now these next notebooks are three-dimensional dinosaurs, inspired by my son, Daniel. 

Thanks, Dan!  I know how you love dinosaurs!!!


Some might find the next set offensive.  If so, please, I beg your forgiveness...
They are a joke and yet, for some, the beauty of dinosaurs engaging in 'married fun' might spark interesting conversation!
Parents should use caution about whether these would be appropriate to take to school!  College students will get a kick out of them. 

The cool thing about these notebooks is that when you have filled the pages of the notebook, just take the cover off, wash in mild soap and cover the next one!

Email me for the prices.  They vary, depending on which notebook you pick.

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