Saturday, July 31, 2010

Two more notebook covers!

This one doesn't have a tie, but I could put one on if it was requested. 

I just love the delicate flower ribbon on the side, don't you?

Remember, as soon as you fill one notebook, remove the cover and replace with a standard composition notebook from WalMart or anywhere they are available!


This notebook combines elegance with hippie!  (The bead reminds me of hippie!)
You have the soft ribbon on the spine and the homemade cording as a bookmark and to clasp the button with.

The back is also stylish!

The pockets are nice and deep so the book won't fall out.  There are two pockets in one in the front that will hold a highlighter and some pens!

These two are $12 and $14, respectively.  Email me to order yours today!

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