Thursday, July 15, 2010

Matching country aprons

For every mommy and daughter that cook together!   This is a set but I believe I could part with them individually, too.
A very country-style pattern.
The entire five piece set is $60.  Each piece is also priced individually.

 The mommy apron measures 19 1/2' long and 78" from tie to tie. 
(It's a little wrinkled because I had it stored in a tote from the show last Friday...easily remedied!)
Price:  $25.00

The little girl's apron measures 56" from tie to tie and 14" long. 
Price:  $15.00

Then there's the baby doll apron...soooo cute!
Price: $10.00

...and I couldn't leave Barbie or Ken out either! 
I guess he could wear either one, but I prefer the jean's more manly! 
Both are lined and come with elastic along the waist and top.
Price:  $7.00 each.

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